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BarTender Label Layout and Print Control Software

BarTender by Seagull Scientific is the world leading label design and print software.
KTEC GROUP is a long established distributor of BarTender 
BarTender is upgradable from the lowest to highest versions in order......

Watch how BarTender Professional can be used to create a variable product label when linked to a product list 
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BarTender Lite and full free 30 day trial version Click here to get the trial version
Some of our printers like Primera and Toshiba TEC models have a free BarTender called BarTender Lite.
This is because Primera and Seagull Scientific partner each other as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and include a basic version of the program to use.

The BarTender Lite is actually quite powerful but is limited to running with the specific printer.
If you download the full 30 day trial version it can run with up to 3 printers almost any make you can download specific printer drivers to ideally match what label printers you use.
If you only intend to use the Lite with say the Primera printer that’s fine.

BarTender Lite free version has all the functions of adding pictures, text and barcodes with its specific printer partner.
It can print an expiry date based on today’s date + n days forward.
It can be set to ‘prompt; the user using a form with a box to fill say for a batch number that will be printed on each label of that batch.

The BarTender 30 day trial version has all the features to try out that are included with Professional, Automation and Enterprise levels.  It's the version that can expand by license purchase to the higher levels Starter, Professional, Automation and Enterprise at any time.  The trial version can now drive up to three connected printers.

BarTender Basic

Discontinued since 2019

BarTender Starter (BTS-1, PTS-2, BTS-3) for single PC with 1, 2 or 3 maximum connected label printers.
If wanting expiry date, serial number, prompted batch number, linking to a spreadsheet, its the Starter version that needed.
Linking a label template to a product list has major advantages when there are many products since copying a line down on a spreadsheet filled with text, ingredients, instructions, barcode number and more and editing for a new product is a lot faster that designing a new labels each time.

BarTender Professional (BTP-1, PTP-2, BTP-5) for single PC with 1, 2, 5 or more connected label printers by adding BTP-PRT licenses

You can purchase BarTender Professional the very latest version with many enhanced features. If you wanted to have a common label template or more inked to a product list held in a spreadsheet or MSAccess or SQL database for example. 
Also it automates printing since at print time you can search as well as multiple select by product name and then enter a quantity of each to print and all the labels are sequenced off in moments.  The professional version can be used to program RFID tags whilst printing when using RFID enabled label printers for example like our Primera RX500e for colour and Toshiba Tec EX4 for mono versions.
The new Pro version includes a table builder useful to display say nutrition information as well as a new internal database builder so you no longer need to be reliant on storing data outside the BarTender program. You can link a Web cam so to embed persons photos say for ID badges and tickets. For the new Professional you can purchase the designer bundles with one print license BTP-1 or two printers BTP-2 or 5 printers BTP-5, or add individual BTP-PRT licences to get the exact number of printers needed.

BarTender Automation (BTA-2, BTA-5, BTA-10) network level

This is the networked multi-user version any number of PC users can design labels and send to the printer(s), or use password control to allocate those allowed to design and those who can only print. Automation has a number of useful facilities to allow simple connection to your own business systems for example by watching a shared folder. When you send a simple instruction file (label name, quantity, any variable data to pass to the label) to the folder BarTender Automation automatically wakes up and prints the labels commanded and adding the transferred variable information to the label.  Note in new Automation networked systems you can purchase the designer bundles as and two printers BTA -2, or  designer and 5 printers BTA-5 or designer and 10 printers BTA-10, as well as adding individual print licences BTA-PRT for each extra printer connected to your network. The automation version is popular for automatically printing labels for product to be dispatched say from a on-line store without the need for any manual intervention apart from applying the labels to the goods.

BarTender Enterprise (BTE-APP) network level
This is also a networked multi-user version any number of PC users can design labels and send to the printer(s). Enterprise has all the facilities before mentioned to allow simple connection to your own business systems and password user control of design and print.  Enterprise has Librarian and additional recording and logging of label print events needed for high level traceability say for food and pharmaceutical applications. Integration for SAP and ORACLE is included.
Note in the new Enterprise networked system you can purchase the designer bundles as and two printers 2019 BTE -2, or  designer and 5 printers BTE-5 or designer and 10 printers BTE-10, as well as adding individual print licences BTE-PRT for each extra printer connected to your network.  Its possible to print labels wireless from phones and tablets using the web based print portal.

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